Why ACTA Institute
of Aesthetics?

“ACTA, NON-VERBA” – actions, not words


At the ACTA INSTITUTE, the main goal is to cut through the noise and make sure that our students are able to independently implement their knowledge into practice as soon as they leave the training. Additionally, at ACTA we do not compromise on an understanding of anatomy, consultation skills, thought process, and most importantly safety. 


The idea behind the Institute came about after numerous years and hundreds of trainings all across the globe that never did just that. They did not “get to the point” and help you learn the exact skill you needed to implement in your practice. Our Founder, Anastasiya Halytcka, decided to team up with International KOLs to help create an online and offline space that is able to not only educate on the latest and greatest but most importantly unite Aesthetic providers and help build support in the community. 

Our Team

  • Anastasiya Halytcka BSN, RN

    Founder and Chief Clinical Educator of ACTA

    Anastasiya Halytcka is an Aesthetic Medicine Specialist and a National Trainer.

  • Mishail A. Shapiro, DO., FAOCO-HNS

    Medical Director at ACTA

    Mishail A. Shapiro is an Otorhinolaryngologist and President of Apex Rhinology & Cosmetic Surgery Center.

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